The Art of Chad Carothers
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Why I am me.
Growing Up I was drawn into Saturday morning cartoons. Sunday mornings the comics would show up. Along the way I fell into skateboarding and it's spawn of subcultures. The fast paced music, the visual awareness from such an early age and the creative itch to always customize and "make better" anything I could touch, ultimately landed me where I am today.

I realize this now that everything I had surrounded myself in those years absorbed into my head. I was left with a whirlwind of ideas mixed with my imaginative ways and looking at things my way. It helped to create a style that was all my own, taking bits and pieces from animation, skate culture, pop culture, music and anything else I had come across.  My bold outline and details paired with a bright, poppy color palette has become my signature style.

​Over my Artistic Career I have been blessed enough to travel the world on my Art's behalf, painting large scale murals, creating art for fashion and action sports along with partaking in art shows both big and small.  It has truly led me in directions I would never had imagined and wouldn't change a minute of the ride, as it has helped shape the artwork I do and share with the world.

Art related questions?
Around twenty or so questions with Chad Carothers
As intervied by Index Ink.  

How long have you been doin’ your thang?
My first memories of making art are from preschool, so I’d say a while.

What motivates you to get up in the morning?
The quest to create, succeed and further myself in this short life.

Best burrito spot? Or favorite food joint?
Jalapeños, Chipotle, Chronic…I really like burritos and everyone’s a bit different, so it really depends on the mood.

What’s your typical materials setup?
For paintingin general it’s mostly acrylics, paint markers, canvas, spray paint, airbrush, auto paints and a good ol’ fashion #2 pencil. Most the time I will try to use what ever I have around so I can do my new idea right then and there. I become very impatient when starting new ideas.  When doing pen and ink though I always use Micron pens and it's very important that I have a fresh set every time.

Favorite type of music? Artist/group?
Punk Rawk, Rock, Hillbilly, Rock a’ billy, Psychobilly, Reggae and so on. Music that moves me and fits my particular vibe at the moment.

Coke or Pepsi?
Cocola Zero – new fav taste

If you were in a high speed chase…
I’d win.

When I grow up…
Who really want’s to grow up? Forever young.

Favorite random art trick?
Using my pinky to stabilize my hand when painting long straight lines freehand.

Local session spot?
Studio, Garage, Backyard, Home Office desk

Favorite ride?
Too many – 53’ Chevy, 64’ Caddy, 64” Chevy C-10 and on and on…I like cars,trucks,bikes so it goes hand and hand with my art and vision for customizing everything.

What’s your biggest accomplishment so far?
Really to say I have made my living/career on doing what I love. That would be so far my biggest accomplishment.

Give us an interesting little known fact about yourself…
I have a toy collection rivaling the 40 year old virgin, but hey...I'm allowed right? It's for reference for paintings,studies,etc. Hahaha.

Other interest or hobbies?
Skating, Biking, Snowboarding, Guitar, Cars,etc.

Are you competitive by nature?
Yep, I wanna be the best and am always self competing.

Money’s no object and you were leaving tonight, where go to?
African Safari

Morning or night ?
Night by choice, Morning if I have to.

How do you continue to push yourself?
By always learning and being open to learning new things. When I want to learn about something
 I tend to engulf myself in reading about that particular thing. It gives me a better grasp on whatever it is and I enjoy that.

Where do you wanna be 5 years from now?
Continuing on where I am now and expanding my art career to different genres.

If I were king…
I’d try and make things better than they are now.

Any shout outs?
My family, my few close friends and everyone who’s helped, pushed, kicked or supported me along the way.